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Discrete MOSFETs and Discrete IGBTs

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Sensitron's discretes and power modules are suited for high reliability switching applications such as motion control, UPS systems, induction heating, and DC/DC and DC/AC switch mode power supplies. For modules, both the gate drivers and the switching devices are incorporated. Boot-strap floating power supplies are built in for gate drivers of the high-side devices.

Note: Device(s) classified as COTS Dual use item(s)

Product Features
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  • MOSFETs: Up to 1000V available
  • IGBTs: Up to 1200V available
  • Mil/Space screening available

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Featured Product


Hermetic Half Bridge IGBT Module-- 600V, 800A


  • Hermetic Core Construction
  • Increased Creepage and Clearance Distances for High Altitude operation
  • High Frequency Switching
  • Operation at Temperature Extremes
  • Internal Layout with Minimized Stray Inductances

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