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Schottky Rectifiers

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The SHD series Hermetic Power Surface Mount Schottky Rectifiers are state of the art solutions to power surface mount requirements. The devices feature an extremely small, low profile package and have very low thermal and electrical resistances. The SHD packages contain no magnetic elements. Thus, the package inductance is very low in fast switching applications. Our Schottky Rectifiers are available with PIV ratings from 15 to 200 Volts and a current rating from 0.2A to 440 Amp. Unique barrier technology at Sensitron adds an ultralow reverse leakage feature to 100V, 150V and 200V products while maintaining the low voltage drop.

Note: Device(s) classified as COTS Dual use item(s)

Product Features
Search Sensitron Scottky Rectifiers:
  • Up to 200V available
  • Ultra low leakage for 100V & 150V
  • Very low forward voltage drop
  • Low power loss; High efficiency
  • High surge capacity
  • Guaranteed reverse avalanche characteristics

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