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Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifiers and Bridges

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Sensitron's Silicon Carbide products have no recovery time or reverse recovery losses, and are available in surface mount and thru hole packages. Sensitron offers Silicon Carbide Rectifier and Bridges that are ideal for use in avionics applications, due to their small size and cooling requirements. Our SiC products have increased reliability.  Please contact factory for more information or for Reliability Testing Data, at  

Note: Device(s) classified as COTS Dual use item(s)

Product Features
Search SiC Scottky Rectifiers:
  • SiC Schottky Rectifers: Up to 1200V
  • SiC Schottly Bridges: Up to 2500V
  • No recovery time or reverse recovery losses
  • Mil/Space level screening available

Note: Customers should be aware that at the current stage of technical development of SiC, the reverse avalanche capabilities of the device are limited. Customer designs will need to accommodate these limitations and avoid exposure of the device to this and other potentially damaging conditions in their applications. Test data available upon request.

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